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How Important Are The Best Breast Pumps For New Moms/Mothers?

Breastfeeding is a natural and exceptional easy method of offering all vital nutrients to your infants, which are necessary for their growth. Pediatricians highly recommend exclusive breastfeeding to newborns till the first six months of their life. But feeding the baby in public places can be hectic, especially if you travel frequently or if you are a working mother. In these situations, it is better to invest in breast pumps.
However, the concept of using breast pumps can be confusing for first-time moms. So, to help you out, this blog offers an inclusive guide on breast pumps and using them effectively. Let’s have a look at the details now:

What is a breast pump?

A breast pump is a device that helps to extract milk through the nipple by stimulating the secretion of milk and helping in better lactation. These pumps are not a recent invention. Women across the globe are using them since the 18th century and they have gone through quite a few modifications for around 100 years. At present, breast pumps of different brands are available in different variants. So, depending on their preference and budgets, lactating mothers can choose between manual and electric pumps.

How to select the right breast pump?

Once you are aware of the importance of the best breast pumps for new moms/mothers, the next question that arises is how to choose the right breast pump. And the answer is selecting the right breast pump depends on your needs and use. For instance, if you are planning to use the pump occasionally, you can choose the manual one. But if you want to use the pump regularly, then it is better to go for the electronic breast pumps. The electronic pumps are very user-friendly. But remember, a good breast pump replicates the suckling action of your baby without causing any discomfort. So, it is important to get shields or phalanges, which perfectly fit your nipples to avoid any discomfort or irritation.

Here are some more details to help you:

 Manual breast pump: Here the mother needs to squeeze milk by using a plunger or a suction pump for stimulating lactation. The job needs much effort and it is also very time-consuming compared to the electric option. It takes around 45 minutes to extract milk from both breasts.
 Electric breast pump: Here you have to fix the phalanges over your nipple and switch on the machine. It will collect the milk in the attached container. And it will take around 15 minutes to pump milk from both breasts. But no matter whatever breast pump you choose, it would take some time to get accustomed to the process. So, begin slowly at the lowest suction level and then increase the suction speed gradually. Besides, it is important to stay relaxed and calm. And don’t forget to sterilize each part of the pump after every use.

How can breast pumps help new mothers?

One of the main benefits of using the best breast pumps for new moms/mothers is that these devices offer breast milk to the babies even in the absence of their mothers at any point in time. Milk extracted through breast pumps can be refrigerated and can be fed to the babies later. As a result, these pumps offer a much-needed break to the mothers in the long hectic days. In those days, any family member can feed pumped milk to the babies.

Some mothers often have painful and heavy breasts or engorgement due to excess stimulation of milk. Research has proved that regular use of pumps can stimulate milk secretion while alternating with normal breastfeeding. Besides, breast pumps are also handy in those situations when the babies find it tough to latch. It has been proved that pumped milk can offer the necessary nutrients to premature babies while nurturing them round the clock. It is because breast pumps ensure the right supply of breast milk. Apart from having a good breast pump, it is also important to be aware of how to use it properly to ensure you have a great pumping experience every time.

1. Carefully go through the instruction manual first to be familiar with the parts of the pump.
2. Massage your breasts gently to excite the let-down reflex.
3. Place the breast pump against the breast in a way so that the flange of the breast shield presses against your nipple.
4. Start using the pump. In the case of an electric pump, adjust the speed as per convenience.
5. Once you are done, finish by switching off the electric pump or hand expressing the manual pump.

Benefits that mothers can enjoy using breast pumps:

Women often find the idea of breast pumping and bottle feeding less appealing as they think exclusive breastfeeding has innumerable advantages. But for working mothers, mothers who frequently travel or mothers who have an overdrive supply of milk, or mothers who need a break, breast pumps can be a savior for them. Thanks to loads of benefits these pumps offer. Let’s check some of those benefits.

 Breast pumps can offer you complete control over feeding timings: It is probably the main benefit of using breast pumps. Using these pumps allows you to decide on the feeding schedule that works perfectly for you and the baby. And you can pump accordingly. Having proper control over the feeding session also makes it easier for you to return to work. Here you don’t have to worry about how your baby will get the breast milk.

 Using breast pumps can prevent breast engorgement: This is another important reason why new moms prefer using breast pumps. So, if you are facing milk overflow, you can use breast pumps for storing the excess milk. Then you can freeze the milk for later use. Pumping this excess milk will ensure that your breasts don’t become painful and engorged.

Breast pumps boost the supply of milk: Even if you have a low milk supply, using pumps can boost the supply. Pumping milk after breastfeeding can help to increase your milk supply. So, you can store the excess milk for later use.

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